Starting Healthier Habits & How!

Starting Healthier Habits for A Better You

New year, new you. We’ve all heard the saying before.

Let’s be honest, we’re tired of it! The year is already half over. Who says we have to wait until the start of next year to implement a new, great habit into our lives? AirGym Owners don’t believe that and here’s why you don’t have to either.

A brand new, healthy habit can take shape in your life right now. You really only need one thing…focus! 

There are a million things on the agenda and there are so many distractions – how can you focus on anything right now? Let alone a healthy habit.

As it turns out, changing your life in a routine way will actually require less effort than you might think. Here is a surefire way to apply your focus and start forming healthy habits:

1) Focus on ONE new habit. No need to overwhelm yourself. Pick an idea and run with it. Want to exercise more? Let’s break out those dumbbells. Want to be a neater person? Let’s fold those bedsheets baby! But don’t try to exercise more and be neater at the same time – not at first, not all at once. Get a solid routine, then add just ONE more new task. If you hone in your attention on one task, you are a lot more likely to be successful and way less likely to get discouraged.

2) Focus on making priorities. Yes, that means make priorities a priority. How many times a day do you tackle a task intentionally? Do you specifically block out time to get something done? If not, try it out! If you want to eat healthier, tell yourself that if you do one thing today, it will be to eat more veggies at dinner. Then, tell yourself that if you do nothing else, you have to eat those veggies.

3) Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. This is obviously the definition of a habit. But if you focus on one thing and make it the most important accomplishment each and every day then you’ll see massive results.

That’s it! There’s no complicated 12-step program. Pick ONE task, make it your TOP priority, and do it EVERY DAY until you don’t think about it anymore.

Follow these ideas, of maintaining a deliberate focus, and you too will be saying goodbye to the old you, and saying hello to the upgraded model – regardless of the time of year.

All the best, Chris

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